ACCEA 2017 Round

Clinical Excellence Awards

Guidance notes :

Applications forms:

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 In order to meet the deadlines BAHNO will need to follow a strict timetable.  Therefore the deadline for the submission of CVQs at all levels to the BAHNO

The levels at which candidates may apply are as follows:

Candidates without a national award may apply at Bronze level.
Bronze award holders may apply at Silver level.
Silver award holders may apply at Gold level.
Gold award holders may apply at Platinum level.

B Distinction Award holders may apply at Silver and A Distinction may apply at Platinum.

The ranked list will be submitted to the ACCEA, accompanied by citations for the individuals nominated, together with brief details about BAHNO and the process followed for the preparation of its submission (which has to meet certain criteria laid down by ACCEA).

Eligible consultants who wish to be considered for nomination by BAHNO are invited to submit a completed CVQ which must be received via email to by 5pm on the 13th March 2017

Applications received after the deadline will NOT be considered under any circumstances.

If you submit your CVQ to BAHNO please ensure that you also registered with ACCEA via their website and have received your login and password. If you do not do this the ACCEA system will not allow us to enter a citation or include you on the ranked list even if you have been shortlisted.

Advice on completing your CVQ

We have been advised that, in the last round, the ACCEA put great emphasis on:

Factual accuracy
Brevity (Short sentences or bullet points rather than longwinded prose!)
Evidence of contributions within the previous 5 years (there is little point in listing your accomplishments over the whole of your career!) Give dates of achievements.
Evidence of team working (not simply the fact that you are a member of an MDT!)
At least 4 Trust discretionary points before consideration for a national Bronze award
Usually at least 10 years in post before consideration for a national Bronze award

MOST IMPORTANT: It is vital that you personally ensure that your entry in the Nominal Roll of consultants on the ACCEA website is accurate.

The BAHNO nomination process

Applications for BAHNO support will be considered by a group comprised of the President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Conference Secretary, another member of council, and a lay person. Citations will be written for those individuals whose names are put forward. Citators will be chosen by the ranking panel but will not necessarily be restricted to members of the panel. (Please note that no citations can be written by BAHNO for consultants who are not included on the ranked list)

You are reminded that even if you submit a nomination for consideration by BAHNO it remains your responsibility to ensure that all components of your application are submitted to the ACCEA within the deadlines. BAHNO will only submit citations to ACCEA and will not forward your CVQ. If you do not register with ACCEA we cannot submit a citation for you and you will not be on the ranked list.