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 Dear Colleagues,
I am reaching out and will get straight to the point – we are struggling to offer a head & neck cancer service through the Covid19 pandemic & don’t have data upon which to form policy.
This cohort study aims to capture the safety of operating on head and neck cancer patients during the pandemic. It also will measure delays to surgery and changes in practice as a result of the pandemic.
 Register your hospital via  - you will be sent a password to enter data via a Redcap database. It will be easier to have one login / password to share within your department.
One log in allows linkage of data for 30-day complications. When the study publishes results units that have contributed will be asked for a list of those to be listed as contributing. The study will be published with the authors as COVID-SURG and a drop-down list of individual names
Key features: • You can now record any HN surgical oncology cases treated with curative intent in your hospital after that hospital’s first COVID admission (i.e. prospective, and retrospective back to that date) • This study is low to zero risk and has been widely used avoiding IRB /ethical approvals - prior to local study approval, collaborators may prospectively collect data on hard copy case report forms (available at • CovidSurg Cancer/HN will determine: (i) the frequency of hospital-acquired COVID-19 infection in elective surgery; (ii) the impact on COVID-19 infection on outcomes;  (iii) delays / de-escalation to elective cancer surgery caused by the pandemic and consequent impact on oncological outcomes; (iv) safety of surgery to surgeons and HCW • A detailed statistical analysis plan will be published:; a corporate authorship model will be used ‘CovidSurg Collaborative’ – for example • Any queries about process, registration and data entry contact: and about the H&N section contact
Thank you – please act on this today so we will have meaningful data by the end of April
Richard Shaw, on behalf of H&N team (Andrew Schache, Liverpool; Paul Nankivell, Birmingham; Stuart Winter, Oxford; Michael Ho, Leeds; Martin Batstone, Australia; Juan Rey Biel, Madrid)