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ENT rep

 Hannah Fox ENT rep

 Hannah Fox is an ENT Consultant in Newcastle upon Tyne with a specialist   practice in head & neck oncology surgery and thyroid surgery. She is proud to   hail from the Welsh valleys. She completed her specialist training in Wales and   aTIG interface fellowship in Newcastle prior to commencing her consultant   practice. Since 2019 she has been the clinical lead for the Northern head & neck   MDT. Her clinical practice involves the full remit of head & neck surgery   including transoral robotic/laser surgery, laryngeal reinnervation, thyroid surgery and thyroid ablation.

She has an interest in education and training having completed a postgraduate diploma in medical education. She was a founder member of the BAHNO education committee, regional STC member and member of both the head and neck TIG and Interface Training Oversight Group committees at RCS England. She currently leads several courses at the Newcastle Surgical Training Centre.  

She is an advocate for authentic open dialogue on mental health impact and support for surgeons. She is a proud mam to Lyra and they can often be found swimming in the North Sea together no matter the weather.