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NCIA 2024 Awards Round

National Clinical Impact Awards 2024: application timetable

  • 4 March to 5pm on 15 April 2024 - applications open
  • 16 April to 9 June 2024 - first round scoring
  • 19 June to 11 August 2024 - National 3 (N3) scoring
  • 17 June to 4 November 2024 - governance review
  • 4 October to 27 October 2024 - National Reserve Sub-committee (NRES) scoring
  • mid to end of November 2024 - main committee finalisation of recommendations
  • December 2024 - recommendations to and sign-off by ministers
  • January 2025 - notifications sent to successful applicants and finance processes initiated to back pay awards
  • January to February 2025 - appeals window open


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BAHNO wishes to encourage all members to consider whether they would like to apply.


BAHNO’s role in NCIAs

Following changes to the ACCIA application process, BAHNO (as a Member Organisation (MO)) will no longer provide citations and rankings to a selected number of applicants.

This means that applicants will no longer be able to choose to request support from MOs such as BAHNO (previously known as National Nominating Organisations (NNOs)).

BAHNO will however still play an important role in supporting members across our specialty groups and areas of practice to apply for awards.