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ACCEA timetable for 2021 Awards Round

ACCEA has announced that the awards round for 2021 is now open.  Details are on the ACCEA website.

Nominations have to be submitted by applicants to ACCEA by 18 March 2021.


The BAHNO Nomination Process

Applications for BAHNO support will be considered by a group comprised of the President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Conference Secretary, another member of council, and a lay person. Citations will be written for those individuals whose names are put forward. Citators will be chosen by the ranking panel but will not necessarily be restricted to members of the panel. (Please note that no citations can be written by BAHNO for consultants who are not included on the ranked list)

You are reminded that even if you submit a nomination for consideration by BAHNO it remains your responsibility to ensure that all components of your application are submitted to the ACCEA within the deadlines. BAHNO will only submit citations to ACCEA and will not forward your CVQ. If you do not register with ACCEA we cannot submit a citation for you and you will not be on the ranked list.

BAHNO can support up to 7 new bronze, 3 new silver and 2 new gold applications per year. Since there was no round in 2020, it is likely that there will be more applications in the 2021 round and we are seeking guidance from ACCEA as to whether we can support double the number of new applications listed above.

Renewals are treated separately from new applications and as per ACCEA guidelines are not scored by BAHNO but will be given citations.

If you would like to be considered for BAHNO for a nomination, please email your completed ACCEA application forms as one single document either as MS word or PDF format to by 5pm on Friday 29th January  to enable time for scoring, and submission of ranked lists and citations to ACCEA before the closing date.