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Oncology rep

 Mehmet Sen  Oncology rep 

 Dr Mehmet Sen completed his medical school training in Izmir and specialist   training in radiation oncology in Istanbul, Turkey. He later subspecialised in   head and neck cancer and set up a multidisciplinary academic unit in 1991 in   Dokuz Eylul University Medical School. He was appointed as Professor of   radiation oncology in 2001and was clinical lead for the head and neck cancer   unit until he left his post.

 He chaired the Turkish Oncology head and neck cancer studies group between 2001 -2003 and also contributed to ESTRO teaching courses as a teacher in the Evidence Based Oncology course between1999-2004.

He moved to the UK in 2004 joining Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust as a Consultant Clinical Oncologist and Honorary senior lecturer and was the lead for the nonsurgical head and neck team (2008-2019).

He contributed to the NCRI head and neck clinical studies group as a member (2006-2015) and then chair of the systemic treatments and radiotherapy subgroup (2006-2011). During this time notable achievements included establishing links between national and international research groups and chaired the EORTC Head and Neck - radiotherapy subgroup (2011-2015)

His research interest includes improving outcomes by combined treatments and evaluation of recurrence patterns. He is currently contributing to on-going national randomised clinical trials as local PI, National lead, TMG member and safety chair. He is chair of the steering committee of the annual York head and neck cancer one day educational event. He became chair of BAHNO International committee in 2019.