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Medical Research Council

Funding opportunities

A strong multidisciplinary clinical academic workforce is critical to the delivery of many aspects of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy, in addition to the MRC core mission of carrying out research for patient benefit. As team science approaches to scientific challenges increase, so does the need for the skills and experience to underpin effective collaborations across disciplines, institutions and sectors.

As part of a strong clinical academic workforce, doctors are uniquely positioned to contribute to research. Regular clinical contact enables them to identify emerging research needs and to understand the areas that will make the most difference to patients. It affords them a practical understanding of how to translate research into patient benefit in day-to-day practice. It is essential, therefore, to ensure that clinicians remain involved in research at all levels.

This scheme provides a new flexible route for research-qualified NHS consultants to increase their research skills and experience by engaging with groups and centres of biomedical research excellence, enabling the cross-seeding of perspectives, ideas and connections needed to underpin future translational biomedical research.

Working in partnership to support this pilot, the MRC will be committing £10 million across two rounds, with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) committing up to an additional £2 million.

Please visit the MRC website for further details.

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