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The British Dental Journal

Head & Neck Cancer issue

The latest publication of the BJD is a themed edition on Head and Neck Cancer edited by Professor Vin Paleri (BAHNO President) and Lorna K McCaul (RD-UK)

 On behalf of the British Association of Head and Neck Oncologists (BAHNO) and Restorative Dentistry UK (RD-UK), we are delighted to bring you this BDJ themed issue on head and neck cancer (HNC). November is, of course, Mouth Cancer Action Month. Mouth cancer, however, is just one of many types of HNCs. The aim of this issue, therefore, is to widen the focus to all HNCs and to describe the importance of dental health and dental care in this context.

The incidence of HNC is rising; the World Health Organisation's Global Cancer Observatory estimates that the global incidence of HNC will increase by around 30% by 2030.1 UK cancer registry data demonstrate that the majority of HNCs are diagnosed at an advanced stage, with 58.5% at stage III or IV.

This issue describes the multidisciplinary care pathway for the HNC patient, from the perspective of managing dental health effectively, as the individual progresses from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. The issue aims to: highlight the role of GDPs in early detection (including a wider role in identifying HNCs); explain the patient pathway while under care of the HNC multidisciplinary team (MDT); and describe how lifelong dental health after cancer treatment is optimised.

BDJ available here.

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