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BAHNO Accredited Short Fellowship

Closing date 14th July

A reminder:

this is the last week to apply for a BAHNO Accredited Short Fellowship.  This offers the successful applicant the opportunity to spend a short but focused period of time at a centre/unit offering a specific learning experience. We are currently proposing a one-month period, but this period can be flexible according to the host unit and applicant. 

The 2024 round of fellowships has the following position available:

Clinical Oncology fellowship at The Christie Hospital (Manchester) with the focus being Proton Beam Therapy.

We anticipate that as the period of time is short it will cause minimal disruption at the applicant’s home unit. BAHNO is offering an award of £2500 towards accommodation, travel and necessary expenses.

This award is only available to BAHNO members.

Closing date: midnight on 14th July 2024.

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