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Combining immune checkpoint blockade and tumor-specific vaccine for patients with incurable Human Papillomavirus 16-related cancer

Encouraging results from a synthetic vaccine

Key points of this study:

Question: Is the efficacy of programmed cell death 1 immune checkpoint inhibition increased by a tumor-specific vaccine in patients with incurable human papillomavirus 16-positive cancer?

Findings: In the phase 2 clinical trail of nivolumab and human papillomavirus 16 vaccine ISA101, the primary end point was met, with a 33% overall response rate (8 of 24 patients), compared with response rates of 16% to 22% with programmed cell death 1 inhibitors alone in similar patients.  Survival data were also encouraging, with a median survival of 17.5 months.

Meaning: These data indicate that HPV-16 vaccination may augment the efficacy of programmed cell death 1 checkpoint inhibition and merit confirmation in a randomized trial.

Full details of this Phase 2 Clinical Trial  available here.

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