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HPV Action

Latest news

HPV Action is an organisation that exists to tackle the problem of HPV cancers.

Here's their latest news:

  1. We are still awaiting official confirmation that vaccination for boys will start in September. We have been invited to a meeting on 13 February with the implementation group at PHE and, hopefully, we will find out then. 
  2. There's been some slightly more encouraging news from Northern Ireland. Giving evidence to the NI Affairs Committee earlier this month, Richard Pengelly (Permanent Secretary at the NI DoH) said he believes he is able to take a decision to extend the HPV vaccine to boys (using new powers from Westminster), pending the 2019/20 financial settlement. Hopefully, there will be confirmation of this in the coming weeks
  3. The government has not budged on the catch-up issue and is sticking to the line that older boys are sufficiently protected by herd immunity. This makes no sense: DHSC has accepted that the risk to 12/13 year old boys is sufficient to justify HPV vaccination but the risk to each subsequent year group is exactly the same. This means that a golden opportunity to reach older boys who are still at school is being missed. We will continue to make the case for a catch-up, including at the forthcoming meeting with PHE.
  4. RSPH has today published the attached report on vaccine confidence, including in the HPV vaccine. It highlights the particularly pernicious role social media plays in disseminating false information and makes several very practical suggestions for action. Please do what you can to share the report, including via social media (!).
  5. The second international HPV Awareness Day is on 4 March. See: HPVA is a signed-up supporter as are a few of our members. Please do what you can to share information about the Day – and sign up too if you can.
  6. The number of countries offering or planning to offer gender-neutral vaccination continues to increase, the latest being Antigua and Belgium (but the Flanders region only). Around 30 countries have now adopted HPV vaccination.
  7. Work has now started on the establishment of HPV Action Europe and meetings have been taking place with potential members. At this stage, most of the contact has been with Europe-wide bodies but organisations working in one country are also welcome. There is no cost for membership. If any HPV Action member is interested and would like more information, please let me know. HPV Action Europe will 'soft launch' in European Immunisation Week (24-30 April) and there will be a 'proper' launch in Brussels in September

Please visit the HPV Action website for further details.

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