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BAHNO International Collaboration Committee

New Director and members announced by President

I am very pleased to announce that Dr Mehmet Sen, Consultant Oncologist, Leeds, will be taking over as Chair of the International Committee.

Mehmet has long experience and expertise in the management of head and neck cancer, and has been particularly active in forging international collaborations.  Mehmet originally hails from Turkey, and has overseen considerable educational and research activities with the Turkish Head and Neck Society.

I am also very pleased to announce the new membership of the International Committee.  The new membership covers the full range of specialties, with considerable expertise and experience of working as clinicians, and also delivering educational and research activities in countries abroad.  The new members are:

Mr Navin Mani, Consultant ENT Surgeon
Mr Omar Ahmed, Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Miss Nashreen Oozeer, Consultant ENT Surgeon
Dr Katie Wakeham, Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Miss Jane Dawson, Speech and Language Therapist

Over the next few weeks the Committee will be producing a new strategy for international collaborations and partnerships, including a plan for working with the African Head and Neck Society. 

I would urge you to work with them to participate in shaping and delivering the new strategy.

I am sure you will join me in congratulating and welcoming the new International Committee.


Hisham Mehanna
President, BAHNO

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