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FAQ Discussion Guide for Patients Diagnosed with Head & Neck Cancer launched

Make Sense Campaign launches booklet for patients

A diagnosis of head and neck cancer can be shocking and in the following weeks will have you navigating through your medical system. During this time, conversations with your healthcare professionals will be intense and, sometimes, short, but you must feel empowered to ask questions and get the answers you need to move forward. To help you, the Make Sense campaign has developed this discussion guide. The following guide has been developed with input from previous head and neck cancer patients and healthcare professionals around Europe; it gives you the tools you need to make your transition through diagnosis and post-treatment as smooth as possible. The following pages includes questions you may want to ask your doctor and other specialists who will be a part of your multidisciplinary team. The guide is comprehensive and has been developed keeping in mind the wide-range of people who are affected by this type of cancer. Feel free to pick and choose which questions you need answers to. The guide is divided into five sections; each section focusing on different stages of the treatment pathway, from diagnosis to post-treatment and recurrence. We recommend you print the entire document and bring the relevant section to your consultations. We understand that everyone’s journey through head and neck cancer is different, so please treat this document as a guide, and if you have any additional questions or require additional information, do discuss with your healthcare team.

Download the booklet here.

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