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We need more jabs for lads

The Teenage Cancer Trust states:  ''More than a million teenage boys are going to miss out on vaccinations that could prevent cancer. We are calling for all teenage boys and young men to be offered the #HPV vaccine free on the NHS''

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a common virus with many different types. Some of these are linked to certain types of cancers.

That’s why there’s a vaccine available to help protect people against getting the virus. Girls have been offered this vaccine since 2008.

That’s changing in the UK this school year. For the first time, some boys will be offered the vaccine too. This is an important step forward to help protect more people against cancers related to HPV – whatever your gender.

But only boys aged 11-13 this school year, and all boys this age in future years, will be offered the vaccine. That means a million boys in school will miss out on this protection from the vaccination, unless they can pay £150.

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