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Proposal for a UK Head & Neck Oncology Collaborative

Message from the President of BAHNO to members

We are all working in a period of unprecedented demand and there is no doubt that the management of many patients with head and neck cancer will have to be modified during the current COVID-19 crisis.  The ability for us to treat these patients will fluctuate on a geographic basis as the pandemic unfolds with some regions potentially being able to offer capacity at different times than others.  A collaborative approach across the United Kingdom in the months ahead will potentially allow us to rationalise resources and so treat the maximum numbers of patients.
We have obtained agreement to set up a nationwide collaborative which supports the current NHSE program of integrating care across networks.  The collaboration will form a focal point for clinicians who have urgent patients that require surgery that cannot be performed in local or regional networks as a result of capacity, be that in terms of operating space or indeed surgeon availability as a result of self-isolation.   
It may well be an initiative that is not used but then again in a few months we might regret not having at least thought about it and set it up! Time will tell….
Plan at this stage
• Identification of the email address of a single point of contact in each MDT
• Define which surgical treatments are appropriate to be carried out on the basis of maximising benefit
• Define a smaller group of participants who will prioritise cases should that be necessary (in a transparent fashion using current national guidance where available).
If your MDT would like to participate, please email a single point of contact along with the geographical details of the MDT represented to
Cyrus Kerawala, President BAHNO

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