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Statements Trainee Election

An opportunity has arisen for the elction of a new Trainee Representative on Council.  There have been three nominations.  Please read and then return your voting email.

  Angela Hancock

  My name is Angela Hancock and I am an oral and maxillofacial surgery registrar in the London Deanery.

 After running a marathon for BAHNO in the 2020 LEJOG campaign, I wish to use my mind as well as my legs to support the Association, so I appeal for your vote for trainee representative.

At the height of the pandemic, BAHNO pulled off a brilliant virtual ASM which left a lasting impression on me. Despite the constraints I was able to learn from other delegates, present and even have virtual cheese and wine. The 2022 ASM was my first in-person meeting and I was equally blown away by the strength of our multidisciplinary membership and forward thinking. I would relish the opportunity to give something in return for these experiences.

I aim to fairly represent the interests of trainee members at Council. I would propose to build a network for trainees that will allow shared development of our interests in head and neck oncology, rapid communication and give research opportunities. I was a Student Dental Council representative during my second degree, successfully working to improve the student experience. I would like to see BAHNO support the teaching of head and neck cancer to undergraduates and promote working in our rewarding field.


  Ashleigh Ivy

BAHNO aims to be a voice for all clinicians working in Head and Neck Oncology, with a recent focus on accessibility and diversity. It is vital that trainees “see it to be it” and BAHNO has a unique multi-professional platform to be able to deliver this.  

My first experience of BAHNO was delivering an oral presentation as a core trainee on a collaborative MDT research project. Now as an ENT ST6 in the North East, I have worked within a range of high-functioning multi-professional teams and feel it is one of the most rewarding aspects of H&N cancer work and a major factor in my choice of future career.  

I grew up in South Africa, attained my undergraduate in the UK and have worked in different healthcare settings in East Africa and completed an MRes in Tanzania. I bring to this new role my enthusiasm, approachability and skills attained organising ENT experience courses, formal mentoring role and representing trainees on the Specialty Training Committee.  

Whilst the annual meetings offer an excellent platform for trainees to present, outside of this there appears to be little trainee engagement. If elected I would aim to address this by developing a forum and contact network for fellowship advice and career information, this could also be a link for trainees wishing to conduct H&N collaborative research across regions and disciplines. My other priority is to work with the Education Committee to establish a series of webinars both diverse in content and speaker background to engage a broad spectrum of trainees, thus diversifying the future H&N workforce. 


  Karl Payne

I am putting myself forward to be elected as trainee representative member on BAHNO council. My background is that of academic head and neck surgery, holding the position of NIHR Clinical Lecturer in oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMFS) at the University of Birmingham, while completing OMFS training in the West Midlands.

With past experience of involvement as a trainee representative on national councils – including the Trainee Group Committee of BAOMS and the Royal Society of Medicine OMFS Section - I am well equipped to serve the BAHNO council and its members.

I have a track record of delivering high impact national projects with emphasis on education for medical professionals. For example, I am involved in the BAOMS funded initiative to educate GPs, medical and dental students about oral cancer awareness and OMFS.

As trainee representative on BAHNO council my first task would be to survey all trainee members and produce a manifesto that clearly details their needs and ways to optimise communication and support. In addition, I would aim to leverage existing close ties with allied parent specialities. I strongly believe that harnessing the enthusiasm and power of trainee members can improve the academic output from BAHNO associated projects.